Astronomy Course Notes and Supplementary Material

Section IV - Solar System
Notes Powerpoint Tables Related Websites
The Solar System Intro PDF Physical Properties of Planets
Orbital Properties of Planets
Terrestrial vs Jovian Planets
Condensation Sequence
The Nine Planets (TNP)
Views of the Solar System (Views)
Other Solar Systems
Search for Extrasolar Planets
Planet Quest - NASA
Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia
Super Planet Crash - A game where you can make your own solar system
The Earth and Moon Earth PDF

Moon PDF
Earth Data
Moon Data
TNP - Earth
Views - Earth
TNP - the Moon
Views - the Moon
LCROSS Mission
Mercury and Venus Mercury/Venus PDF
Mercury Data
Venus Data
TNP - Mercury
Views - Mercury
TNP - Venus
Views - Venus
Magellan Mission
Venus Express
Mars Mars PDF
Mars Data
Mars Satellites
Comparison of Terrestrial Planets
TNP - Mars
Views - Mars
Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Odyssey
Mars Rovers
Mars Express
Phoenix Mars Mission
Curiosity Rover
Jupiter and Saturn Jupiter PDF

Saturn PDF
Jupiter Data
Jupiter Satellites
Saturn Data
Saturn Satellites
TNP - Jupiter
Views - Jupiter
TNP - Saturn
Views - Saturn
Voyager Mission
Galileo Mission
Cassini Mission
Uranus, Neptune and Beyond Uranus/Neptune PDF

Uranus Data
Neptune Data
Satellites of Uranus, and Neptune
Largest Kuiper Belt Objects
Pluto Data
TNP - Uranus
Views - Uranus
TNP - Neptune
Views - Neptune
TNP - Pluto
Views - Pluto
Planet X - A song about Pluto
Kuiper Belt Homepage
Comets, Asteroids, Meteors and Impacts Comets, Asteroids, etc PDF

Largest Asteroids TNP - Comets
Views - Comets
Stardust Mission
Deep Impact Mission
TNP - Asteroids
Views - Asteroids
NEAR Mission
TNP - Meteorites
Views - Meteorites
Shoemaker-Levy 9 Page
Near Earth Object Program
Effects of an impact on the Earth