Comparison of Terrestrial Planets

PlanetInterior StructureSurface FeaturesTemperatureAtmosphere CompositionAtmospheric Pressure (bars) Magnetic Field
MercuryNot known if liquid or solidCraters, scarps, plains700 K (day),
100 K (night)
None---Very weak
VenusProbably partly liquidVolcanos, plains, craters750 KCO2, N292None detected
EarthSolid inner core, liquid outer coreFew craters, large continents, organized volcanism, erosion200-315 KN2, O21.013Strong, well organized
The MoonSolid coreMare, craters400 K (day), 100 K (night)None---Very weak
MarsProbably solid coreCraters, volcanos (dead), erosion features160-280 KCO2, N20.007Weak, localized