Largest Kuiper Belt Objects

NameYear Discovery AnnouncedDiameter (km) Average Orbital distance (AU)eccentricityinclination (degrees) Satellite(s)
Eris 20052400 67.5 0.4444Dysnomia
Pluto1930237039.4 0.2518Charon, Styx, Nix, Kerberos, Hydra
Makemake2005 1800 45.70.1629No
Haumea2003150043.3 0.1928Hi'iaka, Namaka
Orcus20041500 39.4 0.2220.6Vanth
Ixion2001106539.6 0.2419.6No
Varuna200093643.0 0.1012.1 No
2007 OR1020071200?67.21 0.5030.7No
Quaoar200290043.5 0.048Weywot
Sedna*20041500?532 0.8611.9No
Objects often are observed before they are identified, so the year in the names of the objects and the year of the discovery announcement may be different.
Inclination is measured relative to the ecliptic.
*Sedna is not actually a Kuiper belt object, but this is the most logical place to put data about it.