My office is a disaster! I have made such a mess over the summer that I am going to have to spend significant time during the first week of classes making it suitable for visitors.

This term I have three courses to teach:

  • Math 2500 Linear Algebra
  • Math 3425/5425 Differential Equations
  • Math 6282 Studies in Polynomials and Surfaces

I will also continue to mentor my MA graduate student, and I will start a new project with a new undergraduate student. Those mentoring projects are what will allow me to continue doing research in knot theory (a branch of topology).

I have a lot of service commitments to work on this term, as many initiatives across the University and in my Department have ‘get this done immediately’-style deadlines and will require my attention.

My other projects this term are:

  • Continuing to mentor the participants from the AIBL workshop this past summer in St Paul,
  • Continuing duties as the new Senior Editor of Journal of Inquiry Based Learning in Mathematics for modules,
  • Serving as the Iowa Section Representative to the MAA Congress,
  • Chairing the UNI Mathematics Committee (overseeing curriculum matters),
  • First-year and transfer advising for math,
  • and work on various other committees (Undergraduate Research, Recruitment and Retention, Student Outcomes Assessment, Competitions, etc)