I have an active service role, with a focus on departmental service, and national professional level service to the IBL community.

Professional Service

Service to the profession across the nation

  • Mathematical Association of America
    • Iowa Section Representative to the Mathematical Association of America Congress (July 1, 2019 - present)
    • Mathematical Association of America Committee on Undergraduate Student Activities and Chapters (Feb 1, 2012- Jan 31, 2018) [co-organizer of the student paper presentations at MathFest]
    • Student Paper Session Judge at MathFest (Portland, Oregon, 2009, and Lexington, Kentucky, 2011)
    • Project NExT Mentor for class of 2013-2014
  • Service to the IBL Community
    • Program Co-Chair for the 2014 & 2015 Legacy of R.L. Moore/Inquiry Based Learning Meeting
    • Program Committee for the 2016 Inquiry Based Learning Meeting
    • Member of the Academy of Inquiry Based Learning, service as a mentor for those new to IBL. 2014-present
    • PRODUCT grant IBL Workshop Developer, Feb 2017-present
    • Founding Chair of the MAA IBL SIGMAA, then Past-Chair. 2015-2017
    • Senior Editor of Journal of Inquiry Based Learning in Mathematics, Spring 2017-present
  • Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences
    • Steering Committee for the 2020 CBMS survey of undergraduate programs in the mathematical sciences

Service to the profession in Iowa

  • Iowa Section of the Mathematical Association of America
    • Iowa NExT steering committee (Spring 2008-Fall 2013)
    • Vice-Chair Elect (Spring 2008-Fall 2009), Vice-Chair (Fall 2009-Fall 2010), Chair (Fall 2010-Fall 2011), and Past-Chair (Fall 2011 - Fall 2012) of the Iowa Section
    • Ad-hoc committee on Spring 2013 joint section meeting for Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, and Nebraska and SE South Dakota sections
    • Teaching Award Committee, 2014, 2016

Mathematics Department Service

  • Competitions Coach (Fall 2007-present)
  • Undergraduate Research Committee (Fall 2008-present; Chair, Fall 2010 - present
  • Recruitment and Retention Committee (Fall 2007-present)
  • Mathematics Search Committee, 2 positions (Fall 2010-Spring 2011)
  • Calculus Textbook Review Committee (Spring 2008, Fall 2016)
  • Mathematics Committee (Fall 2007-present)
  • Student Outcomes Assessment Committee (Fall 2016-present)
  • Math Program Curriculum Committee, Chair (Fall 2017-present)
  • Freshman, Transfer, & Orientation Advising (Fall 2007-present)
  • Professional Assessment Committee subPAC (Fall 2016-present)

College Service

  • CNS Senate Alternate (Fall 2009-Spring 2011)
  • CHAS Senate Alternate (Fall 2013-Spring 2015)

University Service

  • University Writing Committee (Fall 2011-Spring 2014)
  • LAC Category 1C Review Committee (Spring 2013-Spring 2015)