TJ at a friends wedding in 2012 I am an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Northern Iowa, in Cedar Falls, Iowa. I got my undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University, and my PhD from the University of Michigan (under the direction of Ralf Spatzier). I was fortunate to work at Rice University for three years as a VIGRE Lovett Instructor and at Williams College for a year as a Visiting Assistant Professor before moving to Iowa.

My mathematical interests include differential and metric geometry, dynamical systems and Lie groups. My thesis was about rigidity theorems for algebraic actions of lattices in semisimple Lie groups on compact manifolds. At Rice, I had the occasion to work on a mathematical biology project, too.

As an educator, I am interested in inquiry based learning, standards based assessment, and effective use of technology in the mathematics classroom.

TJ at a conference in 2013

I got hired at UNI to teach geometry courses to pre-service teachers and to promote undergraduate research.

Oh, and this picture (without the silly glasses) is courtesy of the Academy of Inquiry Based Learning/Educational Advancement Foundation. I am grateful to them for the photo, but also for support during the last \( (\text{now.year()} - 2007) \) years as I learn to teach in a new way.

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