It’s high summer in Cedar Falls, Iowa. You know what that means: Fall Semester is about here! Okay, sure, the term starts in summer and ends just as winter officially begins, so I suppose the name is apt. But don’t get me started on “Spring Semester.”

I’ve started refreshing the site here. In a way that I failed to do last December. Fortunately, that means some things are easy to update, as I am teaching the same courses this fall as I did last:

  • Math 2500 Linear Algebra for Applications
  • Math 3425/5425 Differential Equations
  • Math 3600 Euclidean Geometry

Students can find course pages for those by clicking on the teaching link above.

Geometry and Differential Equations are going to run much the same way as last time. But I am still thinking hard about Linear Algebra, and this will be where I pour most of my “original thinking time” into teaching.

I will also have at least one undergraduate research student and one MA graduate student to advise. Those mentoring projects are what will allow me to continue doing research in knot theory (a branch of topology).

I might also do a little writing about pedagogy this term.

My other projects this term are:

  • Continuing to mentor the participants from the AIBL workshop this summer in Los Angeles,
  • Continuing up duties as the new Senior Editor of Journal of Inquiry Based Learning in Mathematics for modules,
  • Chairing an ad-hoc UNI Mathematics Curriculum Revision Committee,
  • First-year and transfer advising for math,
  • and work on various other committees (Undergraduate Research, Recruitment and Retention, Student Outcomes Assessment, Competitions, etc)