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Older Articles

The Case for Restorative Justice: A Crucial Adjunct to the Social Work Curriculum (2006)

The Impact of Priest Sexual Abuse: Female Survivors’ Narratives (2004)

More Evidence that Bush Is a Dry Drunk? (2004)

Restorative Justice: A Model for Social Work with Families (2003)

What Schools Can Do to Help Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Youth (2003)

Our Social Work Imagination: How Social Work Has Not Abandoned Its Mission (2002)

Working with Male Batterers: A Restorative-Strengths Approach (2002)

The Psychology of Suicide-Murder and the Death Penalty (1999)

Harm Induction vs Harm Reduction: Comparing American and British Approaches to Drug Use (1999)

Protesting for Civil Rights (1998)

Other Writings

Nine Steps to Recovery