fall 2014

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Catherine H. Palczewski, Ph.D.


University of Northern Iowa
Department of Communication Studies and the Women's & Gender Studies Program

mailing address: Lang 341, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0139

e-mail address: palczewski@uni.edu

Spring 2018 office hours:

Tuesday: 1:00-2:30
Wednesday: 3:00-5:00 (unless there is a department meeting), 7:30-8:00
Thursday: 1:00-2:30

If these times do not work, feel free to call (319.273.2714) or email to make an appointment

Courses taught:

COMM 1000: Oral Communication

COMM 4023/5023 (was 48C:189g): Rhetorical Communication Research Methods

COMM 4211/5211:01 Rhetoric & Civic Culture

COMM 4216/5216 (was 48C:160g) Political Communication:

48C:160g Political Communication: (fall 2002)

link to 2002 paper draft (The paper was accepted for presentation at the 2003 NCA in Miami and published in the Iowa Journal of Communication)

COMM 4271/5271 (was 48C:176g): Freedom of Speech

COMM 4346/5346 (was 48C:153g) Gender Issues in Communication

COMM 4446/5446 (was 48C:113g): Social Protest: Performance and Rhetoric

COMMGRAD6001 Graduate Seminar in Communication Studies

COMM 6022 (was 48C:236:03): Critical Methods

COMMGRAD6042 Seminar in Communication: Visual Rhetorics

COMM 6042:01 Seminar: Gender in Communication

WGS 6289:01 (was 680:289:01) Graduate Seminar in Women’s and Gender Studies: Comparative Feminist Theories

courses from long ago:

48C:001: Oral Communication

48C:074: Argumentation & Debate: (offered every fall)

48C:123: Rhetorical Theory

48C:222: Seminar in Communication: Rhetorical Theory and Criticism

680:040:01 Women's and Gender Studies: Introduction

other links

Palczewski Suffrage Postcard Archive

Discussion criteria

This link explains the criteria I use to grade discussion.

General Information on classroom policies:

This link explains late assignment, ADA and other policies governing classroom management.

Alta Keynote Images

Argumentation and Advocacy I recently completed my term as co-editor of the journal of the American Forensic Association. For information on the journal and its editorial policy, please access this link.

AFA/NCA Biennial Conference on Argumentation. I directed the 2013 conference and edited the selected works volume produced by the conference. For more information, see the Alta Conferene website.




academic biography:

My research specialties include: rhetorical theory and criticism, feminist theory and criticism, argumentation theory, social movements, and political communication. Within these areas, I focus on the rhetorical constructions and implications of speaking from the margin. My past projects include an analysis of 1909 anti-suffrage postcards, a study of the anti-pornography movement, an analysis of Native American legal argument, and an exploration of the way cyber-movements function. My current project is a book length manuscript analyzing the body argument used in the U.S. woman suffrage debates from 1909-1919. The second edition of Gender in Communication, written with Dr. Victoria DeFrancisco and Dr. Danielle Dick McGeough was published by Sage in 2014. I recently completed editing the selected works from the 2013 Alta Argumentation Conference,Disturbing Argument, published by Taylor & Francis in 2015.The second edition of Rhetoric in Civic Life, with my UNI colleague Dr. John Fritch and St. John's University's Dr. Richard Ice, will be out in a few months. If you are interested in examining a complete list of my publications, feel free to link to a list of them.