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17th-C. image of a Quaker woman preacher

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Comprehensive American Literature Sites:

bulletAmerican Literature on the Web
bulletHeath Anthology literature links
bulletAmerican Studies at U of VA Yellow Pages (multidisciplinary)

Pre-1800 American Literature and Culture:

The sites above all have many links for pre-1800 writers.  In addition:
bulletSociety of Early Americanists teaching resources page
bulletWeb Resources for Early American Lit.
bulletClio's Digital Forge (rich source of images; by my former colleague)
bullet1492:  An Ongoing Voyage (Columbus and others) 
bulletMap Collections -- Library of Congress
bulletCultural Readings:  Colonization and Print in the Americas
bulletVirtual Jamestown (very cool)
bulletPlimoth Plantation (all things Plymouth-related, and a neat place to visit too)
bulletFire and Ice:  Puritan and Reformed Writings
bulletThe Quaker Writings Home Page -- also The Street Corner Society
bulletQuaker Women, 17th-19th c.
bulletBackground on Mary Dyer
bulletOgram's 17th-C. New England (especially strong on Salem Witch Trials links)
bulletWitchcraft in Salem Village (major academic site, all records online) (no kidding)
bulletArchiving Early America (18th C. documents.  Site with a sense of humor!)
bulletThe World of Benjamin Franklin and Benjamin Franklin:  A Documentary History
bulletPhillis Wheatley page
bulletThomas Paine National Historical Association
bulletThomas Jefferson online
bulletDeclaring Independence
bulletThe American Revolution
bulletCommon-place: The Interactive Journal of Early American Life (very hip and engaging; check it out!)


Available Online:

bulletEarly American Literature -- the key literary journal in the field (only recent issues online; Rod does not carry back issues, but articles arrive quickly through ILL; or, take a trip to Iowa City).
bulletWilliam & Mary Quarterly -- the key historical & cultural journal in the field 
bulletAmerican Literature
bulletAmerican Literary History

Not online here, but available in Rod Library:

bulletNew England Quarterly

Key databases:

bulletMLA Bibliography Online
bulletAmerica:  History and Life

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Research institutions, special collections libraries, and organizations related to Early American studies:

bulletSociety of Early Americanists (Various meeting sites, plus cyberspace).  Has a section on teaching Early American topics.
bulletOmohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture (Virginia) -- also H-OIEAHC, an associated website
bulletNewberry Library (Chicago)
bulletMcNeil Center for Early American Studies (Philadelphia)
bulletJohn Carter Brown Library (Providence)
bulletMassachusetts Historical Society (Boston)
bulletHaverford College Quaker Collection and Swarthmore College Friends Library (PA)
bulletHuntington Library (Los Angeles)

Some of my favorite post-1800 American Lit. sites:

bulletReel American History (American history and film)
bulletU of Virginia American Studies hypertexts
bullet19th-century American Women Writers Web
bulletAfrican-American Women Writers of the 19th century
bulletUncle Tom's Cabin and American Culture
bulletAmerican Verse Project
bulletWalt Whitman Hypertext Archive
bulletEmily Dickinson Electronic Archives
bulletNathaniel Hawthorne Page
bulletLate 19th C. writers on the Web (from William Dean Howells Society)
bulletAmerican Memory Collection (Library of Congress)
bulletModern American Poetry
bulletAcademy of American Poets

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