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Courses I have taught:

At UNI  (1999 - present):
bullet620:005  College Reading and Writing
bullet620:031  Introduction to Literature 
bullet620:034  Critical Writing About Literature
bullet620:053  Survey of American Literature [Major American Writers]
bullet620:070  Beginning Poetry Writing
bullet620:151g  Early American Literature
bullet620:153g  American Poetry to 1914
bullet620:174g  Poetry Workshop
bullet620:188g Seminar in Literature:  The Captivity Narrative in America
bullet620:188g Seminar:  Revolution to Republic:  American Literature, 1750-1800
bullet620:284  Seminar in Literature:  Writing Gender in Early America (graduate)
bullet620:284  Seminar:  Heretics, Witches, and Rogues:  Deviance in Early American Literature (graduate)
bullet620:284  Seminar in Literature:  Origins of the American Novel

Elsewhere (1994-1999):

bulletRhetoric and Composition
bulletIntroduction to Literature
bulletLiterary Methodologies
bulletAmerican Literature I & II
bulletEarly American Literature
bulletAmerican Women Writers, 1790-1900
bulletContemporary American Fiction
bulletWomen Writing America
bulletSpiritual Autobiography
bulletSenior Seminar: Literature and Persuasion

Some worthwhile teaching sites:

bulletNew Jersey Project (curriculum transformation, inclusive pedagogy)
bulletRadical Teacher
bulletNational Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)
bulletEnglish pedagogy links (secondary emphasis)