Prehistoric Massebot Temple
Eilat, Israel
Excavated and Photographed by Kenneth Atkinson
(Note the city of Eilat and the Red Sea in the background)


Fall 2010 Syllabus

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Resources, Bibles, and Other Interesting Items:


Breaking News about the Bible [Excellent site with links about the Bible. Includes new discoveries and controversies]

Old Testament Gateway [Many links to sites about every book of the Old Testament and related topics]

Biblical Archaeology Society [Publisher of Biblical Archaeology Review and Bible Review]

Unbound Bible (10 English versions of the Bible)

Documentary Hypothesis (Confused? This site makes it all so easy to understand)

Septuagint (Interesting links on the Septuagint)

Noncanonical Lterature [Here is a site with many interesting texts, based on the Old and New Testaments, that are not included in the Bible]

•More Noncanonical Literature [Here is another site with many interesting texts, based on the Old and New Testaments, that are not included in the Bible

How ancient books were produced [This site primarily deals with the New Testament. It shows how ancient manuscripts, including the Old Testament, were produced. Click on the photographs at the top of the web page]




How can I be like Indiana Jones? Go the the Biblical Archaeology Society and click on their list of excavations that you can join.

Interesting Artifacts:

(Here are some interesting cultic artifacts that I found in the Temple at Gerar [Genesis 20]).

Sites to help you write your essays:

Dr. Grammar (UNI's Dr. Grammar will personally answer your grammatical questions).
UNI Online Writing Guide (A great resource!).
Temple University Writing Center (Great guides to help you write academic papers).

Other useful writing sites:

Michigan Technological University's Writing Center
University of Texas's Undergraduate Writing Center
University of Oregon's WORD (Writing Online Resource Directory)
Purdue University's Online Writing Center
University of Missouri's Online Writery
National Writing Center Association

Interesting Links:



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