Weather Policy

It is the policy of UNI to continue normal hours of operation and maintain a regular work schedule during periods of severe weather and/or adverse working conditions. It is a basic premise that the University faculty, staff, and students shall have the opportunity to make their own decision about reporting to work or class with due consideration for travel safety conditions. The following rules, therefore, apply to my classes:

If the weather is bad, listen to your local radio and televsion stations to learn if UNI is open. If the university is closed, stay at home and use the time to study.
If the university has not been closed, then I will conduct class.
I do not expect students to risk life and limb to come to attend my class.
If prudence dictates you stay off the streets and not come to the university, that is sufficient reason not to come.
You will be permitted to make up any assignments missed without penalty. Just inform me of your situation as soon as possible by phone or e-mail.

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