GEOG 2310/6286 Geographic Information Science I/Studies in GISc

GEOG 4120/5120 Population Geography and Demography


GEOG 4310/5310 GIS Applications in Social and Natural Sciences

GEOG 2110/6285 Economic Geography and Reg. Development

Student advising and research



  • Emily Francis, MA Geography (Chair)
  • Ekaterina Korzh, MA Geography (Chair)
  • Arif Masrur, MA Geography (Chair)
  • Narmina Yusubova, MA Geography (Chair)
  • Dylan Nielsen, MA Geography (Chair)
  • Sushil Tuladhar, MA Geography (Chair)
  • Daniel Murphy, MA Geography (member) 
  • Adejoh Ogbe, MA Geography (member)
  • Rudolf Riedlsperger, PhD Gerography, MUN (member)


  • Michael Graham: MA, Human Geography (Chair)* - Instructor, King George V College, UK
  • Borislav Nikoltchev: MA, Human Geography (Chair)* - PhD, University of Oklahoma
  • Brian VanDrasek: MA, Human Geography (Chair)* - Peace Core, Moldova
  • Philip A. Cavin: MA, Human Geography/Reg. Development (Chair)* - Research Analyst, FHLB-Chicago
  • Matthew Cooney: MA, GIS (Chair)* - GIS Analyst, Aerial Services 
  • Tesfay Russell: MA, GIS (Chair)* - GIS Analyst, Iowa DNR
  • Andrey Kushkin: MA, GIS (Chair)* - GIS Consultant, Russia
  • Yulia Zykova: MA, GIS (Chair)*
  • Sushil Tunladhar (MS, member)* - graduate student
  • Jonathon J. Launspach: MA, GIS (member)* - GIS Analyst, EPA
  • Justin Thomas: MA, GISc (member)* - GIS Analyst, Iowa DNR
  • Dmitry Ershov: MA, GISc (member)*
  • Ying He: MA, GISc (member)* 
  • Andrew Olesen (MPP, comps member)*
  • Mark Wilcox (PhD, comps member)*

Undergraduate researchers

  •  Jonathon Launspach (RA), Philip Cavin (RA), Bernard Conrad (RA),  Susan Meerdink (RA), Sean Graham (RA)*, Nicholas Zitelman (RA)*, Kevin Jacque (RA)*, Jordan Wessling (RA), Bernard Conrad (RA)