Recent/forthcoming Creative Arctic publications:

Hirshberg D., & Petrov, A., et al. forthcoming. Education and Human Capital. In Larsen et al, (eds). Arctic Human Development Report II.

Petrov, A. 2013. From Sustaining Creativity to Creating Sustainability: Talent and Creative Capital for Sustainable Development in Arctic Urban Communities. Arctic Urban Sustainability Conference, May 30-31, 2013. George Washington University. 1-8 Available at:

Petrov, A. & Cavin, P*. 2013. Creative Alaska: Creative Capital and Economic Development Opportunities in Alaska. Polar Record, 49(4), 348-361

Petrov, A. 2011. Beyond Spillovers: Interrogating Innovation and Creativity in the Peripheries. In H. Bathelt, M. Feldman, and D. F. Kogler (eds.), Beyond Territory: Dynamic Geographies of Innovation and Knowledge Creation. Routledge.

* students

"Creative Arctic" core papers:

Petrov, A. 2008. A talent in the cold? Creative class and the future of the Canadian North. ARCTIC – Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America, 2008, 61(2) , 162-176

Petrov, A. 2007. A look beyond metropolis: Exploring creative class in the Canadian periphery. Canadian Journal of Regional Science. 2007, 30(3), 359-386

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