The following photos are chosen to give a glimpse of Spanish culture and life as we saw it in the
summer of 2010.  Enjoy!  Carole & Jack Yates


Street scene in Santoña

Facades in Santoña

Lots of outdoor restaurants

menú del día

Menú del día... get all this for 8 euros!

a 9 euro meal

A meal for 7 euros

Nice choices for 6.50.

Panedería (bread shop). Spain has supermarkets but abounds in specialty shops.

Park in Bilbao

Guggenheim Museum... Bilbao

bilbao park

Guggenheim... recently voted by the world's architects are the most significant architecture of the last 30 years.

el pupi (the puppy), made of flowers.

el guggi

ball sculpture at el guggi

Louise Bourgeoisie sculpture. For her spiders are mother figures. There is an example in Des Moines as well.

Unigue glass suspension bridge by Italian architect Calatrava.

Pupi and guggi

University of oviedo... Gijón campus

Pouring sidra... an elaborate ritual surrounds pouring and drinking this mildly alcoholic beverage.

Paula teaching us to eat caracoles as a tapa in a bar.

Cathedral in Oviedo

Traditional music of this region includes accordions, drums, & bagpipes! The music is lively and engrossing. Note the traditional costumes.


Maternidad... otherwise known as "las gorda" (fat lady)

this landmark is at city center in oviedo... it is common to say "Meet me at la gorda!"

El culo (the butt). Companion piece to la gorda. Obviously, this sculptor has a sense of humor!

Plaza in Santoña ... at 10:30 pm it is very lively!

Saturday morning Gypsy Market

The beach! The coast of northern Spain is regularly divided into beaches of beautiful sand and rugged cliffs.

The surf at Santoña. Air temperature in the 70s and warm water!

People hang out and have dinner in the plaza.

Paseo maritimo (seaside promenade). These people aren't going anywhere... they're just strolling! At 10:30 pm! Families meet up and stroll.

Adventures with seafood!

The fishing town of Santoña from a nearby hill.

Making churros, a favorite snack... fried dough a bit like doughnuts but denser.

Ornate Cafe Iruña in Bilbao.

... a well-known landmark with good food.

the Old City in Bilbao.