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Visual Sensation/Perception

Other Resources for Teachers

  • Classroom Assistant (Jonathan Schull, Ed.): An Internet ancillary for Psychology (4th ed.) by Henry Gleitman. WW Norton, Inc. with links to relevant web sites.
  • WORTH PUBLISHERS: Psychology
  • WORTH PUBLISHERS: Psychology - A Web Scavenger Hunt for Intro Students
  • Interesting online Links to accompany each chapter of Harcourt Brace Intro to Psych texts
  • Allyn & Bacon PsychologyActively under development, this site includes an online handbook on the teaching of psychology (see below) as well as links for both students and faculty.
  • Lefton Learning Community
  • Teaching Psychology--An Online Handbook
  • Resources to accompany McGraw-Hill Intro to Psych texts
  • Today in the History of Psychology
  • The Why Files (NSF Site to spark public interest in science
  • MegaPsych Discussion Lists for Psych Students (megapsy4.htm)
  • MegaPsych Web Sites of Note (megapsy2.htm)
  • Psychology in Daily Life (APA Site)
  • Psychologist's Crossword
  • PBS Teacher Connex
  • World Lecture Hall - Psychology
  • CNN Interactive
  • NCSS Online Main Menu
  • Division 2: Society for the Teaching of Psychology
  • Council of Teachers of Undergraduate Psychology
  • Teaching of Psychology in Secondary Schools Home Page
  • 101 Things
  • Teaching Techniques
  • Web Authoring Guide ("This Old Home Page") [Fr. Ray Bucko, LeMoyne] A complete guide/tutorial about establishing WWW pages -- oriented to the needs of faculty and students
  • WEB Wizard: The Duke of URL Information
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Online Research Projects

  • How to Put Questionnaires on the Internet by Paul Kenyon, Plymouth University
  • Psychresearch-Online. These are web pages for a discussion group on the conduct of psychological research over the internet.
  • This page was prepared by Linda Walsh, Dept.of Psychology, University of Northern Iowa for UNI's Dept. of Psychology as well as for the 4th Midwest Institute on the Teaching of Psychology at the College of DuPage (2/28/97).
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