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Teaching of Psychology Organizations
TOPSS (Teaching of Psychology in Secondary Schools)
National Standards for the Teaching of High School Psychology

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Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP)
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STP Teaching Resources – the most recent additions to this long list:

*Improving Scientific Reasoning (2018)

*Critical Thinking in Psychology (& Life) Workshop Series: Instructional Materials

*A Guide to Incorporating Social-Emotional Learning in the College Classroom: Busting Anxiety, Boosting Ability (2018)

STP's 30 E-books – the most recent additions:

*Promoting Psychological Science: A Compendium of Laboratory Exercises for High School Teachers of Psychology(2018)

*The Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning (2018)

STP's E-xcellence in Teaching Essays (17 annual volumes) These are the most recent:
   *Transformative Service Learning
   *Building Note-Taking Skills in the Millennial Student
How should I use modern technology to enhance student learning?
    *Leila Gastil - I'm a Member of STP and This is How I Teach
This Is How I Teach Blog

OTRP Teaching of Psychology Idea Exchange (TOPIX)

OTRP Project Syllabus

*OTRP Resource   An Exercise to Assess Student Understanding of Bottleneck Concepts in Research Methods (2018)

New TOPPSS Teaching Resources:

*Teaching Resources on Skills for High School Psychology Teachers

*TOPSS High School Psychology Course Template available in Canvas

*Advocacy Toolkit for the Psychology Teaching Credential: For Teachers and Advocates*\

*Teaching Psychology: Where Can I Find Help?

*Assessment Guide for Psychology Teachers

*Assessment Exemplars for High School Psychology Teachers

*Professional Development Opportunities for High School Psychology Teachers 

*Resource Vetting Rubric

*Building, Guiding and Sustaining Regional Networks for Psychology Teachers

*Blog Posts on Technology Tools for High School Psychology Teachers

*APA's Dictionary of Psychology

*Volume 10 of Currents in Teaching and Learning

*Auburn's E-Portfolio Project
   *Choosing a Platform
   *E-Portfolio Roadmap

*Improve With Metacognition

Other Resources from Professional Organizations

Teaching Resources from APS   Includes the Teaching Tips Column, free HS access to Current Directions

Pre-College and Undergraduate Education Guidelines from APA

Assessment Cyberguide for Learning Goals and Outcomes in the Undergraduate Psychology Majors

Preparing Future Faculty
What psych majors need to know (APA Monitor)

SIOP Teaching Aids Wiki Includes some active learning & career exploration resources

Other Online Teaching Related Publications
National Teaching and Learning Forum

The Mentor: An Academic Advising Journal

Tomorrow's Professor
PSYCH-NEWS from Science Daily

Sue Frantz's Technology for Educators Blog
  Some highlights:
    Spider Scribe Concept Mapping
    Socrative (Turn Student Phones into Clickers)
    Jeopardy Labs (Create Your Own Jeopardy Boards)
    You Can Book Me
    Video Dropper (Download Youtubes to Dropbox)
    JustBeamIt (Transferring Large Files)

TOPSS listserv

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Teaching of Psychology Conferences
Iowa Teachers of Psychology (ITOP)

National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology (NITOP) (early Jan. in Florida)

Midwest Institute for Students & Teachers of Psychology (MISTOP) (late Feb/early March in Chicago area)

Other Resources (*indicates new addition this fall)

Teaching High School Psychology Blog
AP Psych Resources from the College Board

AP Psych Terminology Review Quizlet

Psychology Game Resources from the U.K.

Classic Articles in Psychology
Encyclopedia of Psychology Teaching Resources
Merlot Psychology Portal
Russ Dewey's Psych Web

U.K.Psychlotron Resources
International Teaching of Psychology Network

Russ Dewey’s Online Psych Text and Study Guidance
Michael Britt's The Psych Files Resources for Teachers and Students

Michael Britt's Psych Test Prep Audio Study Aids
John Krantz's Psychology Tutorials and Demonstrations

Demonstrations and Tutorials from Athabasca University

Psych Sim Demos
Psychology "Teaching Take-Out" from UMemphis
Psychology Teaching Resources from Missouri State
A Beginner's Guide to Teaching Abnormal Psychology
Activities for Abnormal Psychology

Exercises for Abnormal Psychology
Jeff Nevid's Presentation on DSM5
Interactive Teaching Activities for Biological Psych
Laura Freburg's Presentation on Teaching Biopsych
Online Brain Anatomy Activity    #2    #3    #4   #5   #6
Teaching Clinical Psychology - Resources
Community Psychology Teaching Resources
Developmental Psychology Teaching Resources
History of Psychology Teaching Resources
An Instructor's Guide to Introducing I/O Psychology
SIOP’s Instructor’s Guide for Introducing I/O Psychology
Intro to Psych Teaching Resources
Top 10 Myths of Popular Psychology

Positive Psychology Syllabi (UPenn)
Positive Psychology Teaching Resources
High School 7 Day Teaching Unit on Positive Psychology
Jon Mueller's Resources for the Teaching of Social Psychology   Social Psychology Network 
Social Psych Teaching Resources
Social Psych " Action Teaching" LinksStanford Prison Experiment Online Slideshow
Understanding Exercises and Demonstrations

OTRP’s Development of Sexual Orientation Teaching Resource

OTRP’s How to Give Psychology Away and Become a Local Media Hero

Psychology in Popular Films Resource
Neuroscience for Kids

*Science in the Classroom: Concussions - A Century of Controversy and Research
*Science News for Students

Genes to Cognitions Resources
The HOPES Brain Tutorial

Label A Neuron
Label a Spinal Reflex
Label Divisions of the Nervous System
Label Parts of Brainstem
Label the Lobes
Label the Limbic System
Label Primary Sensory and Motor Regions
Timed Brain Anatomy Activity
More Nervous System Activities

Recording Neuron Activity Simulation

NPR Hidden Brain Podcast
*PsychSessions Podcasts   Over 50 podcasts have been added since last year's ITOP Conference
PsychFiles Podcasts (301 episodes)

Mnemonics for Learning the Parts of the Brain Video
Click the Colour (a Stroop Test like task)

Dual Task (Split Attention) Demos
72 Visual Illusions and Optical Phenomena
Queen - Another One Bites The Dust: Backmasking Hidden Message
ePsych Online Activities
Serendip's "Playground" of Interactive Exercises

Powerpoint Activity Resources
National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science (search Psychology to see about 35 related case studies)

Correlation or Causation Assignments
Classroom Links for Interactive Psychology (activity-related links for all areas of psychology)
Parts of the Eye
6 additional Eye and Ear Labeling Activities
Emotion Perception and Field of Vision Activity (inSept'98 PTN)
Measuring Personal Space Activity (in Winter'02 PTN)
Using Internet Scavenger Hunts to Teach About Women in Psychology (in PTN)

* David Myers - Pursuing Happiness (in PTN)

A Social Dilemma Activity(in may,'97 PTN)
Learned Helplessness Demo (in PTN)
Signal Detection Activity (in Dec '97 PTN)
Memory Games from the Exploratorium    The Memory Exhibition
Wonderful Surveys and Interactives from BBC     Recognizing Fake Smiles     Perception Challenge
Sensation/Perception Jeopardy                  Learning/Memory Jeopardy   Condition Pavlov's Dog
A PowerPoint "Toolbox" of Educational Games

In-Class Clinical Psychology Exercises
Mouse Party - Substances of Abuse Animation
Perfectionism Test  Hardiness Test    Big 5 Test
   Type A/B Test
Seligman's Authentic Happiness Website
A dozen Health Psych related online assessments
Life Expectancy Calculator   The Longevity Game
Father Guido Sarducci - 5 Minute University Video

Rat Basketball

Radio Segments from NPR for your students to listen to:
Science vs Pseudoscience
Treating Depression in Adolescents  Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Thinking Positive     Mental Illness in Children - Parts 1-4

Cognitive Behavior Therapy's Controversial Founder        Remembering David Reimer         Testosterone Show
H.M.'s Brain and the History of Memory Research
Language Gene
How the Brain Makes New Memories                                                                 Restless Legs Syndrome
The Polygraph: Foolproof Test for catching Liars Still Elusive
How Evolution Gave Us the Human Edge
MRI Lie Detection
Americans Flunk Self-Assessment
Alex the Parrot Passes Away
 Toddlers Outsmart Chimps in Some Tasks, Not All
 Living With OCD
The Placebo Effect
A Look at an Autistic Savant's Brilliant Mind


On This Day in the History of Psychology
Teaching Methods/Subject Area Resources Links

Amy Sweetman's Introductory Psychology Resources

      A Methods Homework  
How to Get Straight A's in College
  Some free text companion and publishers' sites:

Bernstein's Psychology NetLabs

Westen: Psychology, 3 e - Instructor Companion Site

Introductory Psychology Image Bank
Developmental Psychology Image Bank
Abnormal Psychology Image Gallery

Online Videos
If you find segments useful in the teaching of psychology please email me ( the link.
Zimbardo's Discovering Psychology Videos On-Demand           Companion Website

The Brain Videos On Demand

The Mind Videos On Demand

Online Access to Anneberg Videos (Discovering Psychology, The Brain, The Mind , The World of Abnormal Psychology,  Seasons of Life to mention just a few in their catalog)
PBS Secret Life of the Brain Supplemental Website
The Human Spark Series With Alan Alda
NOVA Website on Mirror Neurons

*OCD: The War Inside
Sapolsky Stress Response Video

Inside the Teenage Brain
Psychology Guest Lecture Videoclips from Cengage (78 clips)
The Psychology Channel (a growing collection of prescreened clips)
Online Videos from the Claremont School of Behavioral & Organizational Sciences
University of Memphis's Psych "Teaching Take-Out", including topical index to psych-related Youtube videos
Brain Plasticity After Hemispherectomy
Gazzaniga and Split Brain Patient Joe
If you go to the "Other Videos" posted by the poster of the next segment (LupineLooPine), you will find educational segments from Discovering Psychology, The Secret Life of the Brain, The Baby Human, Human Sexes, The Human Body, BBC's Human Instinct, DNA, National Geographic's The Incredible Human, and other educational series.

17 seconds of Rusty the Narcoleptic Dog
Sleep Apnea Public Service Announcement

Expressive Aphasia Case 1
Expressive Aphasia Case 2
*Stories of the Mind
Eyes Are For Sight Song
Ear Song
If I Only Had a Brain
Pinky and the Brain Brain Anatomy Song
Brain Parts Song by Aaron Wolff
*Neurotransmitter Song
*Saltatory Conduction Demonstration
Suprachiasmatic Nucleus Song
Oingo Boingo Singing Gray Matter
They Might Be Giants Singing Dinner Bell (Salivating Dogs)
PBS- Cases from Ramachandran's Notebook
Listen to Ramachandran lecture "Phantoms in the Brain"
Listen to Ramachandran lecture "Synapses and the Self
Listen to Ramachandran lecture "Neuroscience-The New Philosophy"
Listen to Ramachandran lecture on synesthesia "Purple Numbers and Sharp Cheese"
Listen to Ramachandran lecture "The Artful Brain

Albert Bandura Talk  About  Use of Social Learning to Remedy World Problems
Open-Mindedness/Critical Thinking

Change-Blindness Video Examples

*Open Educational Resources in Psychology video

Student-Made Video How to Train a Blond (principles of learning)
Trial and Error Learning in Cat
John Watson and Little Albert
Operant Conditioning of Pigeon
Clive Wearing Update - Anterograde Amnesia
Statistics Rap
Early ECT Clip
ECT example from the Brain Series
Gerald, a Schizophrenic from the Brain Series
Mania example from the Brain series
Example Of Cognitive-Behavioral (Rational Emotive) Therapy
Example of Behavior Therapy
Example of Person-Centered Therapy
The Asch Experiment Re-creation
Bystander Effect
Smoke Filled Room Study
Seligman's TED Talk on Why Psychology is Good
From the British Psychological Society:
Psychology Careers- Neuropsychology
Psychology Careers - Educational & School Psych
Psychology Careers - Couseling
Psychology Careers - Sport Psychology (plus about 5 other videos on sport and coaching psych)

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Links to Iowa Community Colleges

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