Samples of Online Psychology Syllabi and 
Useful Sites on  the Development of Coursepages

Some Introductory Psych Syllabi 
Intro to Psych - Dr. Linda Walsh

Psychology 101- Sonia Ochroch 
General Psychology - Dr. Haines
General Psychology - Dr. Collison
General Psyhology - Dr. Lantinga
General Psychology - Dr. Himsel
Psychology 100 - Dr. Stump

General Psychology - Winterrrowd

Internet Introduction to Psychology-John Nichols
Psy 002, Introductory Psychology, Fall 1997
Intro to Psych-Dr. Chuck Huff
The Science of Psychology- Dr. Norma Graham
PY105-Introduction to Psychology 
Introduction to Psychology- Linda Woolf 
PSYCH 1101-Intro to Psychology - Bruce Walker  

Human Development
Research Methods/Experimental
Research Methods-Brian Yates
Research Methods-Dr. T. Guliani
Nonexperimental Research Methods in Psychology
Psychology 507.70: Advanced Qualitative Methods
Cognitive Psych-Dr. Mark Casteel

Learning and Cognition in Education-David Perry

Self Management-Brian Yates
Multimedia Applications in Psych- Renjilian
The Social Animal - P.H. Ditto
Social Psychology-Jeff Bartel
Beliefs, Attitudes & Health Behaviors- Tom Crawford
Health Psychology-Brian Yates
Personality Assessment-Dr. Doug Davis
Personality-Brian Yates

Abnormal Psychology Lecture Notes
Biopsycholgy-Dr. Linda Walsh
Dr. Anch's Physiological Psychology Homepage
Biopsychology - Bursten
Physio Psych - Daily
Biopsychology- Frye
Biological Psychology(honors)- Galla
Physiological Psychology- Meier
Biological Psychology - Pollack
Brain and Behavior - Robbins
Biological Psychology- Schmidt
Physiological Psychology: Neuroscience Approach (Smock)
Biological Psychology- Steele
Physio Psych - Sutton
BiopsychPsy 355 resources and Honors
Brain Mind, & Behavior
Introduction to Neurology-Dr. Linda Walsh
Neuropsychology Psych-Dr. John Walker
Cognitive Neuropsychology-Dr. Jennifer Mangels
Drugs and Behavior
Drugs and Individual Behavior-Dr. Linda Walsh
Alcohol, Drugs & Behavior - Dr. Melloni Cook
Drugs and Behavior-Dr. Paul Young
Drugs and Behavior- Dr. Anch
Drugs, Behavior & Modern Society- Dr. John Bruno
Drugs, Society and Human Behavior - Tammy Glenn
Addictions- Dr. Velez-Blasini
Drugs and Behavior Syllabus 
Drugs and Behavior
Psychobiological Aspects of Drug Use - Dr. Michael Dunn
Contoversial Issues: Drugs and Society
Introduction to Medical Pharmacology
Other Syllabus Collections
OTRP Online - Project Syllabus
Teaching Clinical Psychology - Course Syllabi
Women- and Gender-Related Psychology Syllabi
Faculty of PSU-FIPSE Project, and Course Listing
Links to Examples of Web Based Course Material
The World Lecture Hall
Service Learning Syllabi
Psychological Anthropology Syllabi

Resources for Building a Course Website
Why Set Up a Course Website? (Pacific Lutheran U.) 
Setting Up A Course Website-Assignment Page
HTML for Creating A Web Course Homepage
Finding Web Resources -- Setting Up A Course Website

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