1. CONTENT

                             Did the group communicate a significant amount of understandable information
                             about the topic without overwhelming the audience with excessive detail?

                             Were critical terms or methods defined or explained?

                             Did the introduction set the context for why this research was conducted?

                             Were the most important aspects of the methodology clearly explained?

                             Were the key results clearly presented and their relevance explained?

                             Did the group select and present points of major importance to the topic?
                             Did the group seem to understand the "big picture" regarding their journal article?

                             Did group members appear knowledgeable about the study being presented?

                             Did the group relate the research to the coverage of this topic in our text?

                             Did the group meet the requirements of the assignment as specified?

                             Did the group provide the instructor with a copy of their presentation materials?

                     2. ORGANIZATION

                             Did the group make their presentation on the scheduled date?

                             Did the group have an effective plan for the their presentation?
                             Did it appear that they were well rehearsed?

                             Did the presentation have a clear introduction, method, results and conclusion?

                             Did the group fulfill time expectations (not too long or too short)?

                     3. ORAL COMMUNICATION

                             Did presenters speak from brief notes, rather than reading their presentation?

                             Did presenters speak audibly and energetically?

                             Did the group appear committed to helping its audience understand the research?

                             Did the group use appropriate supporting materials to develop its main points?
                                (e.g. examples of stimuli, tests or measures, figures or tables)

                             Did the group try to be creative in its approach to its topic (e.g. by using visual aids)?

                     4. ROLE PERFORMANCE

                             Did the members assume presentation tasks that were roughly equal ?

                             Did each presenter accomplish her/his specific presentation responsibility?

                             Were the component parts of the presentation integrated?
                             Did they flow smoothly from one to the next without unnecessary repetition?