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Making Poster Presentations
Undergraduate Research Conferences
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Indiana University-Purdue University - 5th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference- Indianapolis, IN -10/28/99
20th Annual Great Plains Psych Convention- St. Joseph, Missouri - March 24-25, 2000
Indiana University - South Bend - 4th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference- March, 2000?
Midwestern Psychological Association - Annual Meeting- Chicago, IL - May 4-6, 2000 - submission due 10/15/99

Psi Chi members may submit posters in the program section for that organization. Abstracts of Psi Chi papers should be sent to:
Dr. Martha Zlokovitch, Midwestern Vice-President for Psi Chi, Department of Psychology, Southeast Missouri State University, Dept. MS 5700, Scully Building 404, One University Plaza, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701; Phone (573) 651-2450, FAX
(573) 651-2176, e-mail mzlokovich@semovm.semo.edu. The MPA format must be followed. (Submission guidelines included in the MPA link above)
34th Annual Minnesota Undergrad Psych Conference - Augsburg College - Minneapolis, MN May, 2000?

     Poster Guidelines MUPC '98
Butler University - 12th Undergraduate Research Conference- Indianapolis, IN - April, 2000?
    Last spring's Butler Undergraduate Research Conference
Minnesota Academy of Science/CUR - Macalester College - St. Paul, MN - April, 2000?
14th Annual Ohio Undergrad Psychology Conference - College of Wooster - April, 2000?
2nd Chicago Undergraduate Psychology Research Symposium- Northwestern University, Chicago, IL - April, 2000?
National Conference on Undergrad Research 2000 - Univeristy of Montana - April 27-29, 2000
    Note: In 2001 the conference will be at the Univeristy of Kentucky and, in 2002, at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
UCLA's Psychology Undergraduate Research Conference (PURC)- too far away but take a look at the poster

A Possible Option for T.A's - Teaching-Related Presentations

Teaching Conference Calendar

CTUP Late Breaking News

                                      Call for Submissions
Council of Teachers of Undergraduate Psychology (CTUP) Creative Classroom Program at MPA -2000 Meeting, Palmer House, Chicago, Illinois

CTUP/Creative Classroom is soliciting submissions for poster presentations at our 2000 meeting at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference. The Creative Classroom Program features presentations of innovative techniques used by instructors of psychology. As was the case last year, the Creative Classroom Program will consist entirely of poster presentations. We are negotiating to host this poster session on Friday afternoon. Submissions are due October 15, 1999. (Teaching assistants may present as well)

Requirements for submission of posters are as follows:

   1.the title of the proposed paper (as it would appear in the program)
   2.author name(s) and address (including phone number and e-mail)
   3.description of the teaching technique
   4.type of course/audience for which this technique is intended
   5.quantitative and/or qualitative evidence of the technique's effectiveness
   6.materials, constraints, discussion
   7.50-70 word abstract for the CTUP program

Authors DO NOT have to be members of CTUP. Please include two self-addressed, stamped postcards in your submission
packet and send your submission proposal, postmarked by October 31, 1998 to:

     Donna Dahlgren
     Division of Social Sciences
     Indiana University Southeast
     4201 Grant Line Road
     New Albany, IN 47150

Submitting Research to an Online Clearinghouse:
National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse
CTUP Late Breaking News:Undergraduate Research Web Site
A joint effort between Missouri Western State College and the National Science Foundation has created the National

Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse, an interdisciplinary web site dedicated to the dissemination of undergraduate research.
The site, located at http://clearinghouse.mwsc.edu, allows students to post their research projects as web pages. Easy,
automated mechanisms for submission, editing, and review are included. All student manuscripts must have a faculty sponsor,
and APS members are encouraged to register as sponsors (instructions are posted on the site).

In addition to using the site to post student research papers, students and faculty may be interested in using the site as a source
of examples of undergraduate research. A chat/discussion area is also included.

Contact Information:
Brian C. Cronk, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Director, National Undergraduate Research Clearinghouse
Missouri Western State College
St Joseph, MO 64507

Poster and Conference Tips

Introduction: Poster presentations
Tips to Maximize Your Conference Experience

This page was prepared by Dr. Linda L. Walsh for the University of Northern Iowa Psychology Club, 9/1/99. It focuses primarily on midwest conferences which have websites.