Sites to Promote Academic Success

Here is a sampling of sites that provide tips to help you manage your time, take better notes and study more effectively, work on your memory, take tests, and handle the stresses of college life. You can also explore your learning style and explore some excellent general academic success sites.
Time Management Pretest
The 168 Hours in a Week Exercise  What do you do with your 168 hours/week???
How to Spend Your 168 Hours Wisely
Great Handouts From Dartmouth University
Blank Hourly Schedule   More Detailed Weekly Schedule (in Half-Hour Slots) 
Sample Weekly Study Schedule    Monthly Schedule
More on Time Management Schedules From CalPoly

Using Your Course Syllabi for Semester Planning for Courses

Creating a Course Chart
ABC Method of Time Management and  To-Do Lists Forms 
George Washington U - Obstacles to Time Management 
KSU - Managing My Time Means Managing Me! 
Remembering What You Read - CSB | SJU
Active Reading Checklist 
Effective Listening and Notetaking in Class  

Editing Lecture Notes       Predicting Test Questions

Active Study Techniques
Concept Mapping 
Memory Principles  
Preparing for Tests
The Power of Study Groups
How to Be a Successful Student 
The Six Hour D -- from Russ Dewey, a discussion of how long hours of studying might not pay off unless you structure that studying correctly 
General Purpose Learning Strategies
Study Skill Checklist (linked to help resources)
Rehearsing to Learn and Student Academic Success Inventory 
  • Study Distraction Analysis 
  • Test-Taking Strategies  
  • Test Taking  Ten Commandments 
  • Test-Taking Pitfalls  
  • Reasons to Go Over Graded Tests   After the Exam 
  • Strategies for Analyzing Past Exams
  • Seven Strategies for Improving Test Performance  
  • Test Anxiety   How to Keep Calm  Test Anxiety Workshop  Test Anxiety
  • First Year Focus Allyn & Bacon's site devoted to surviving your first year
    Ten Tips You Need to Survive College 

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