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Welcome to my homepage - really an index to my various web materials:
Course Webpages:
Introduction to Psychology
Drugs & Individual Behavior
Health Psychology
Introduction to Neurology 
Honors Intro to Psych
Controversial Issues: Drugs & Society

Teaching-Related Pages:
Teaching Resources (2013 ITOP)
Call for Teaching Demonstrations for ITOP 2013
Getting Ready to Teach

Helping Pages:
Sites to Promote Academic Success
Help for New UNI Students Page

Pursuing Psychology Pages:
Careers/Searching for a Job
    Where Do UNI Psych Majors Work After Graduation?
Graduate School
Psychology Depts & Organizations
Counseling and Related Careers

And let's not forget a few family, pet, garden and summer vacation photos!

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[academic success] [for new UNI students] [getting ready to teach]

This page was prepared by Linda Walsh, Dept. of Psychology,University
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