Resources for Psychology Faculty Teaching Honors Courses

National Collegiate Honors Council
Sites With Advice for Honors Instructors
Butler University Honors.Index
Millersville University - Expectations for Honors Course Instructors
Northern Arizona Honors Faculty Resources
Northern Arizona Honors Faculty Guide
Sinclair Honors Handbook
Honors courses description
Approval of an Honors Section of an Existing Course
Computer Enhancement for Honors Courses
Honors Introductory Psych Courses
Bolt - Intro
Campbell Hon_PSYC_201_home
Coble H211- Honors General Psychology

Frick Honors Intro to Psych
Froman Introductory Psychology
PSYC 1030H, Dr. Janet Frick, UGA

Galloway PY100HSyllabus
Hansen Honors Intro
Holahan IntroPSY 301H
Lundquist PSYC 132:15 HONORS
Lee Honors Intro Home Page

McIntire - Psychology 100 Honors
Melara - Intro to Psych
O'Neal-Honors Seminar in General Psych
Pizzi Honors Intro
Reas Honors Intro to Psych

Renjilian General Psychology-Honors
Spivey Honors Intro
Stewart Intro Psychology - Honors
Thomas- Honors Intro to Psych
Van Dyne Syllabus for Introductory Psychology

Walsh Honors Intro to Psych
Weaver Honors Intro

Whitehurst Honors Intro to Psych
Zachry Honors Psychology 110-H
Topical or Upper-Level Honors Courses
Dubin Honors Biology of Consciousness Syllabus
Saffran Honors Child Psych
Schmidt-Honors Current Issues in Psych
Kahana Experimental Psych-Honors
Brinthaupt - Human Behavior and Evolution
Schuster Evolutionary Psychology Of Human Behavior
Haarman Honors Cognitive Neuroscience
Pugh Honors Lab in Cognitive Neuroscience
Tomlinson-Keasey Honors Seminar Impact of Media
Trice - Lifespan Developmental Psych-Honors
Jazwinski Psychology of Altruism and Rescue Honors
Suler Honors Psychology of Improvisation Syllabus
Drout Senior Honors Seminar
Knoedler Honors seminar
Kopeikin - Honors Seminar
Mcclelland Honors Statistics
Varnhagan Inferential Statistics - Honors

Introduction to Research-Honors
Honors Science or Pseudoscience?
Morrow Advanced Placement Psychology - Current Assignments
Honors Intro. to Psychology

North High AP Syllabus

This page was prepared by Dr. Linda L. Walsh, Department of Psychology, University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa for a presentation at the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology in January, 2000. Last updated 8/17/01.

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