Highlights 2013
I am a bit of a concert junkie and love to combine concerts and traveling. Since this summer my family did not take a big trip together, my travel mostly consisted of several concert trips where I also tried to save some time for sightseeing. I made it to:
Milwaukee, WI
Cincinnati, OH
Charlotte, NC
Raleigh, NC
Alpharetta, GA
Baltimore, MD
Syracuse, NY
Boston, MA
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
Dallas, TX
St. Louis, MO

Keith Urban & I this summer
Mackinac Island horses
My 3 daughters, who are now scattered between Minneapolis, MN, Chicago, IL, and Providence, RI, did join us and our best friends for a weekend on Mackinac Island in Lake Huron in upper Michigan. Here there are no cars - just horse drawn wagons and bicycles and a very pretty quaint town.
Iowa Irish

The Seventh Annual 3 day Iowa Irish Fest (one of my hubby's favorite projects) took place in downtown Waterloo August 2-4. Lots of the extended Walsh family (and thousands of others) made it to town for the celebration. Mark next year's Iowa Irish Fest in your calendars (first weekend in August) for a great party! Some of the Gaelic Storm band came to the Walsh party site to celebrate after the Saturday night show : )  Here is a link to one of my Gaelic Storm videos from one of the fests.
Jameson's Pub