Online Review Game Resources

If you would like to run my WWW jeopardy games from a disk, go to those pages ( and ) using Internet Explorer as your browser. Save the file to disk using the "Save as Web Archive" command in the File Menu. This will download the 85 linked files (the board plus 42 answer pages and 42 question pages).

Many educators at all levels are using Powerpoint games in their classes and have posted their Powerpoint files on the web, so there  are many different versions to be had with slightly different appearances and features. One way of discovering these is to do a Google Search of "jeopardy", specifying you want only Powerpoint (.ppt) files under the "Advanced Search" options. Only a few (last 5) have content related to Psychology; they can also be editted to include your content. Here are some of the versions I have come across:

Blank Jeopardy
(game template, with correct response slides; gameboard squares labeled 1 pt., 2 pt., 3 pt., etc instead of the 100, 200, 300 etc. used on the TV show)

Blank Jeopardy
(game template with some fun sound effects; does not include a place for the correct responses for each item)

Blank Jeopardy
(game template with Alex Trebeck image and some sound effects; does include slides for correct answers)

Templates for Several Games

Quiz Game Template
(Jeopardy-like format, with slides for correct responses, but does not use the Jeopardy name)

Physio Psych test 1 review Psych3073/tst1rev/tst1rev.PPT

Educational Research Methods Jeopardy oinit/dile/edpsyje.ppt

Statistics Jeopardy

Neuro-Jeopardy neurojeopardy.ppt
(a series of Physiological Psych related questions; does not use a Jeopardy board)

Learning/Memory Jeopardy

Who Wants to Earn Loads of Extra Credit - a Social Psych Version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire millionairepptdownload/million.ppt