Iowa Teachers of Psychology
Call for 
Teaching Demonstrations, Class Activities,  or Roundtable Discussion Topics
to be shared at the 
17th Annual 
Iowa Teachers of Psychology 
  Simpson College Indianola, IA
November 4, 2016
Attention High School and College Instructors and Graduate Teaching Assistants!
Do you have

    - a favorite teaching demonstration of some psychological principle?
    - a classroom activity that gets your students involved and learning?  

    - a teaching related topic you would like to discuss with colleagues to suggest for one of our teaching roundtables?? Would you be willing to serve as a roundtable leader?
If so consider submitting  your demonstration or roundtable topic for possible inclusion at the 17th Annual Iowa Teachers of Psychology (ITOP) Conference on November 4. 2016 at Simpson College in Indianola, IA. We need to hear what has worked for you! If your submission
is among those selected to be shared at ITOP 2016 you will receive a conference registration grant worth $15 off your conference registration fee!

Your submission need not be original - just something that may be new to many of the conference attendees. Please submit a description of your demonstration, activity, or roundtable discussion topic to Linda Walsh no later than October 14, 2016 (but the sooner, the better). 

Your Name:

Your Institution:



Email Address:

Title of Demonstration or Activity or Roundtable Topic:

Demonstration Source (if known):

Principle(s) Demonstrated or Learning Objective(s):

Equipment or Supplies:

Preparation Required:


Ethical Problems or Constraints on Use:

Your okay to link your materials, if presented, to the ITOP website after the conference: _________

Send demonstrations and activities or roundtable suggestions to: Linda Walsh

For more conference information connect to ITOP website
For a look at the ITOP 2015 Teaching Resource List
Linda Walsh's Homepage