Welcome! This is the course web page for Math 3600: Euclidean Geometry. Here you will find many helpful links.

The Syllabus Appointments GeoGebra

Reflective Writing Prompts for Assessment Interviews

Reflective Writing One Reflective Writing Two Reflective Writing Three

Course Materials

Class Conjectures, 2018 Fall A Folder with all of Task Sequence Handouts

The Class Journal

TEG cover All of your writing will become part of the class journal, which is called Transactions in Euclidean Geometry. Papers will look like this one, which you should read:

An Example Paper

When you are ready to write a paper, you will want this information:

Author’s Instructions Style Guide Overleaf Template A Quick Guide to LaTeX

And at some point you will referee another’s paper. Then you will need this:

Referee’s Guide

Published Issues, Vol 18F

Issue 1

The Curriculum Vita Assignment

At the end of the term, you will turn in a Curriculum Vita, often called a CV for short. This is just a convenient way to summarize the work you have done. If you keep track of these things as you do them, it should take you no more than 10 minutes at the end of the term to finalize this assignment and prepare it to be turned in with your final exam.

Here is an Overleaf template for that assignment.

The CV template