Writing 7




 Course Description - Writing 7

Instructor:  Tom Riedmiller

Office:  Baker 73 / Office Hours: daily and by appointment

Phone: 3-7729

Course Goals:

To improve the studentís ability to:

--summarize academic articles

--use the library for academic research

--use computers for writing

--understand and use academic English

--organize, develop, and edit research papers

--write complex English sentences

--find and correct grammatical/mechanical errors

--answer essay test questions


(Required) Course packet from Copyworks

(Required) A 3-ring binder/notebook

(Required) One 3-inch diskette 2 - formatted - high density, 1.44 MB

(Recommended) Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

 Methodology: Students will learn about and practice finding sources of information in the library.

Students will work together on summarizing an article chosen by the instructor in order to learn the basic steps of summarizing.

Each student will choose an article, write a summary of it, and revise the summary based on the instructorís comments.  The article may be related to the studentís research paper topic.

The instructor will help students organize and develop a research paper on a topic chosen by the student.

Students will learn to use computers to write, edit, and revise their papers and summaries.  We will learn MS WORD.

Grammar, sentence structure, and mechanics will be addressed through grammar exercises and through instructor comments on early drafts of the compositions.  Students should use their reference materials to help them correct errors and should ask the instructor if they need additional help.

Some class time at the end of the session may be used to practice strategies in taking essay tests.


Summary 1 - 15%

Summary 2 - 15%

Research Paper - 70%

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