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Course Description

Required Texts:  Introduction to Academic Writing 2ed.  Oshima, A. & Hogue, A. (1997) White Plains, NY: Addison-Wesley-Longman.  ISBN: 0-201-69509-x.


Understanding and Using English Grammar 3ed. Azar, B. S. (1999).  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall Regents.  ISBN 0-13-958661-x. Try to find these textbooks from former CIEP students

Instructor:  Tom Riedmiller, Baker Hall 73, TEL: 3-7729, riedmiller@uni.edu
Office Hours: By Appointment. I am usually in my office after 7:30 in the morning.

I. Objectives - By the end of this course, the students will be able to:

A.   Choose, organize and develop ideas in paragraphs and short compositions.       

B.   Describe a group of objects in a very detailed way.

C.   Recognize and produce clear topic sentences.

D.   Recognize and use some transitional words and phrases

E.    Write a near-perfect paragraph.

F.    Write a 200-300 word composition in two hours.

G.   Write correct sentences which generally avoid fragments and run-ons.

H.   Use a variety of sentence structures including opening phrases or clauses, coordination, and subordination.

I.      Use correct word-level grammar most of the time.

J.     Better revise and edit his or her work

K.  Choose vocabulary which expresses increasingly exact meanings.


II. Course Overview

A.   The basic organizing principle of this course is chapters 1 through 5 in Academic Writing and expository compositions which students work on both in and out of class.

B.   While completing compositions, the class must also work on journal writing, sentence structure, word-level grammar, and vocabulary.  Use the assigned chapters in the blue grammar book as well as the grammar exercises in the Oshima text. 

C.   In this course we will complete the following:

Academic Writing                                            “Blue” Grammar Book


Chapters 1 through 5

Do all writing and grammar work.


All review exercises in chapters 1 through 3.
Nouns, Chapter 7
Passive Voice, 11-1 to 11-4; 11-8
Noun Clauses, 12-1 to 12-5

Adjective clauses Chapter 13

 III.             Special Assignment - All students must keep a writing journal

This should not be a place for students to write more compositions; instead, this should be series of freewriting exercises which fulfill the following purposes:

1.    Encourage students to write more quickly and fluently.

2.    Provide a record of ideas for later compositions.

3.    Encourage students to think about life in a more detailed way.

4.    Allow students to use English creatively.

5.    Allow students to experiment with new grammatical structures.

B.   The weekly journals should have 3 new entries, each entry taking at least 10 but not more than 15 minutes to complete.  These weekly journals are due MONDAY.  You must have 24 journal entries at the end of the course.


IV.            Midterm Examination

A.   There is a program-wide midterm given in this course given about ½ way through the course.

B.   Prior to this midterm, the instructor will cover the following:

1.    Two chapters if Academic Writing.

2.    Review : Who, whom, which, whose, that . . .

3.    Verb forms - (Review chapter 6 - subject/verb agreement)

4.    Coordinating Conjunctions (Academic Writing, pp. 38-43, 59-64 - and, but, or, so, yet, for, nor)

5.    A review of the verb tenses (Azar - do review activities, chapters 1-3)

C.   Students will have one hour and fifty minutes to write, revise, and edit a complete description of a group of objects and to complete a short grammar test.

D.   Students may use an English-English dictionary, a bilingual dictionary, and their grammar text during the test.


V.               Final - There will be a final examination for this course. Students will be responsible for all material covered in class.


VI.            Evaluation: The teacher will evaluate the progress of his or her students based on the following criteria.

A.   midterm examination (15-25%)

B.   grammar tests and quizzes

C.   compositions

D.   other homework

E.    journals 5-10%


VII.          The CIEP attendance policy will be strictly enforced.


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