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Welcome to Lori and Tom's 
Elvis-o-Rama Vegas Adventure!

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vegas003454AA.JPG (92542 bytes)vegas004027AA.JPG (52051 bytes)vegas144048AA.JPG (60982 bytes)vegas144002AA.JPG (55831 bytes) Tom and Lori ran into the most amazing creatures in Vegas.

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The two were very "moooved" by their experience in the "sin city."

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vegas163202AA.JPG (132521 bytes)vegas163349AA.JPG (12065 bytes)Aside from all the glitz and the glitter, they did find time for more cultural pursuits.  For example, they got a chance to see Elvis. (Actually, Elvis now works as the front end manager of his local mini-mart).

vegas182232AA.JPG (118006 bytes)vegas181838AA.JPG (69261 bytes)Not much for gambling, local cultural institutions served as respite from all the hustle and bustle of the big city.
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The hotel was located on Fremont Street. About 10 years ago, the city wanted to prevent downtown from dying out due to the competition from the glitzy casinos on the strip. As a result, they covered over the downtown area and make a pedestrian mall.  It is a celebration of OLD Vegas as  you can see from the signs. At night, the roof is also a type of LCD screen which has cool light and laser shows every evening. 
vegas141500AA.JPG (55104 bytes)Tom and Lori waited about an hour for the water show. After a long day of walking, they were crabby and their feet hurt. But wouldn't you know, the show started about 10 minutes after they left. vegas143157AA.JPG (73979 bytes)Tom HAS to get some shopping in wherever he goes.
Tom and Lori don't can't seem to get it right.

 vegas001657AA.JPG (9231 bytes)Here we see Lori pointing out the ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT shrimp cocktail sign on the Tam-o-Shanter motel.  

vegas001817AA.JPG (10065 bytes)Tom is making sure that the grammar on the sign is correct.

vegas124720AA.JPG (81451 bytes)The grand lobby of the PARIS hotel.
vegas001045AA.JPG (71866 bytes)Tom - don't poke your head into anything associated with Sigfried and Roy. You will always get into trouble that way. Tom found a slot machine just for him!
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