Russia 8




russia22001_0118_005100AA.JPG (21877 bytes)Moscow Metro. I had to play with the images because it was just too dark for the camera. russia22001_0118_004956AA.JPG (45753 bytes)Moscow Metro mosaic.  
russia22001_0119_062628AA.JPG (19705 bytes)Tom in the overnight train to St. Petersburg from Moscow.  First Class cabin don'cha know!!! russia22001_0120_003736AA.JPG (45600 bytes)Tom in front of the Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg.
russia22001_0119_062529AA.JPG (22021 bytes)Shared the cabin with colleague Phil.  The first class cabin was quite nice. It adjoined the dining car so I was happy! Had my best Soljanka (tomato/beef/veggie soup) on the train. russia22001_0120_000020AA.JPG (56082 bytes)Tom in front of the Egyptian bridge in St. Petersburg. The city if full of canals with these beautiful themed bridges all over the place.
russia22001_0118_001841AA.JPG (152043 bytes)People spontaneously get dancing to the OOMPAH band.  Quite the site to see.  I wish I had known how to polka. russia22001_0117_223324AA.JPG (105533 bytes)WWII museum.
russia22001_0118_001859AA.JPG (139499 bytes)OOMPAH band performing on the steps of the museum. russia22001_0117_231113AA.JPG (28690 bytes)Concentration camp uniform in the museum.
russia22001_0117_021129AA.JPG (23669 bytes)One scene from Tom and Chris' boat trip from hell. Tom and Chris went on a river cruise on the Moscow River. It started out OK... the 20 minute walk to the station started out a clear sunny day. But then it got darker and darker......and started to sprinkle. russia22001_0117_223145AA.JPG (123190 bytes)Graduation day ceremonies near the WWII museum. Note the thingies on the girls' heads. These ribbons are de rigueur for young girls in school. The bigger the bows, the better.
russia22001_0117_021509AA.JPG (108912 bytes)Tom and Chris, the ever stalwart travellers, decided to brave the boat tour - taking a seat on the outer and quieter deck of the boat.  But when we left, it got COLD and WINDY.... so what do we do? Go inside you say? NOOO, we get a couple of bottles of very good Russian brandy and  have a great time!!!!!!  russia22001_0117_203836AA.JPG (38912 bytes)Garbushka. The center of all things pirated. CDs, Software, the works. It is about 3 times the size of Best Buy with dozens of different sellers peddling their pirated wares.  This is also a great electronics outlet. The latest stuff but at prices comparable to the US and Europe. No gadget bargains here.
russia22001_0117_034152AA.JPG (25392 bytes)Interior scene from Tom and Chris' boat trip from hell. When it got too cold and rainy, we went into the heated interior to be greeted by smoke, children running around drinking beer (yes, kids about 10 and 11) and the blast of staticy ooompah disco music coming from a speaker directly in back of our table.   It was just one of those moments where you just have to laugh or to cry... we decided to laugh with the help of our friend Brandy. russia22001_0117_214948AA.JPG (188044 bytes)Eating fresh grilled Schashlik in the Garbushka courtyard with our guides.
russia22001_0116_233606AA.JPG (128867 bytes)More final ceremonies. russia22001_0120_010926AA.JPG (30911 bytes)Tom in a park in St. Petersburg.
russia22001_0116_225307AA.JPG (163302 bytes)More final ceremonies. russia22001_0122_052805AA.JPG (17254 bytes)Tom at the Opera in St. Petersburg. The opera, The Queen of Spades, was based on a Pushkin Story. It was 4 hours!  Quite good, though.  I was shocked at how casual Russians dressed for the theatre. It was a weeknight, though. However, I was perfectly fine in what I was wearing. Only old men and the occasional middle aged fellow wore ties.





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