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russia22001_0116_225254AA.JPG (158885 bytes)This was a nice little gathering that served as closing ceremonies of the seminars in Moscow. russia22001_0115_192626AA.JPG (241349 bytes)In the Park of the Fallen Statues. These were carved faces in each of the stones. I think it was commemorating the holocaust. 
russia22001_0115_193205AA.JPG (177288 bytes)Another "Fallen Statue."  Great steel sculpture.  It looks like it was a part of a building at one time. russia22001_0115_193112AA.JPG (175367 bytes)Detail from above.
russia22001_0115_193527AA.JPG (184756 bytes)If you see me in this picture, you can get an idea of the scale of this thing. russia22001_0115_195509AA.JPG (150406 bytes)russia22001_0115_195549AA.JPG (119870 bytes)russia22001_0115_195427AA.JPG (155139 bytes)
russia22001_0115_193733AA.JPG (229185 bytes)Another piece taken from a buidling. russia22001_0115_193322AA.JPG (216017 bytes)russia22001_0115_195414AA.JPG (198621 bytes)Quiz: Can you identify these people?
russia22001_0115_193956AA.JPG (227866 bytes)Quiz: Can you identify this person? russia22001_0116_191543AA.JPG (157832 bytes)From the entrance to Gorky Park.  Gorky Park... I was not impressed with it. One would think it was this great romantic place - the stuff of mystery novels and the like.  Not at all, its an amusement park, first and foremost.
russia22001_0115_194112AA.JPG (201238 bytes)When you look at the larger image, not the ethnicity of each of the subjects. In back of the center figure, their hands are clasped, the center figure's hand is on top of the others'. russia22001_0115_200106AA.JPG (152861 bytes)Swords into plowshares. Nice image at the Tverskaya gallery in Moscow... walking distance from our digs.
russia22001_0115_195331AA.JPG (182169 bytes)Quiz: Can you identify this person? russia22001_0115_193302AA.JPG (181997 bytes)Quiz: Can you identify this person?
russia22001_0115_194414AA.JPG (140507 bytes)Monument to Peter the Great. Most think this monument is monumentally ugly. russia22001_0116_042256AA.JPG (132608 bytes)Pres. George Bush's motorcade for his visit to Moscow.  That's his limo!

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