Russia 5




russia22001_0114_015939AA.JPG (16355 bytes)Moscow Metro.  Escalators were very long and scary.  But the system worked.. cleaner and more efficient than London's. russia22001_0112_231102AA.JPG (27794 bytes)Students at a seminar.  These are third and fourth year English students.
russia22001_0114_022902AA.JPG (20346 bytes)Tom by a statue of Tchaikowsky.  russia22001_0112_225144AA.JPG (34439 bytes)Seminar participants at the samovar - tea cooker.  
russia22001_0112_231037AA.JPG (34837 bytes)Phil during a seminar workshop. russia22001_0113_015744AA.JPG (26866 bytes)Horse statue at Red Square. What's wrong with this picture. (Terry???)
russia22001_0114_010402AA.JPG (36022 bytes)Bread and water in Moscow. russia22001_0112_224922AA.JPG (26632 bytes)Chris and Ella - the head of English at MISIS.
russia22001_0113_024102AA.JPG (27043 bytes)Outside of Red Square. russia22001_0112_222713AA.JPG (20279 bytes)Phil.
russia22001_0113_020157AA.JPG (26834 bytes)Tom in Red Square. Note Lenin's tomb in the background. russia22001_0114_032737AA.JPG (149391 bytes)Moscow Philharmonic concert. Rachmanninov program.

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