Russia 4




russia22001_0112_173226AA.JPG (23199 bytes)My room in Moscow.  It was much better than what I was expecting. A nice studio with room, hallway and bath.  A nice place. russia22001_0112_173116AA.JPG (25234 bytes)Bathroom was a horror, notice the missing wall to the left.  Earlier that day a pipe burst.  Also, most of the grouting was gone from the tiles. I don't know where the water from my shower went.
russia22001_0112_173157AA.JPG (22761 bytes)Bathroom shot #2. R.jpg (44134 bytes)Departure gate in Chicago.  I will get these in proper order soon.
russia22001_0111_225529AA.JPG (126141 bytes)Nice restaurant in Moscow.  Our bill for four lunches was less than 1000 rubles. russia22001_0111_235247AA.JPG (158452 bytes)Russian cow.
russia22001_0111_194113AA.JPG (25602 bytes)Statue of Davis at the Pushkin museum in Moscow. At the turn of the century, artists created these great copies of famous works for art students to study.  These copies are now considers great works in their own right. russia22001_0111_231559AA.JPG (161227 bytes)Street performer walking on glass. Later he stripped down to his skivvies and rolled in the glass.
russia22001_0111_185007AA.JPG (135699 bytes)Copies of Babylonian stuff. russia22001_0112_011553AA.JPG (136886 bytes)Cathedral in Russia.  A reconstruction done in the old style. Magnificent inside.
russia22001_0111_193819AA.JPG (128775 bytes)Chris and our guides - Sergey and Sasha. russia22001_0112_222508AA.JPG (114800 bytes)Phil giving it all at a seminar.

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