Russia 3




DSCF0034.JPG (81104 bytes)Tom, Chris and Phi at a Tibetan restaurant. DSCF0041.JPG (104193 bytes)Tom and Liza, our guide at the Kremlin. Liza is a student at MISIS.  Her English was fantastic.
DSCF0035.JPG (70852 bytes)Tomb on the unknown soldier on the Kremlin wall. DSCF0044.JPG (35687 bytes)Can you find the problem with the author's vowels?
DSCF0036.JPG (78334 bytes)It is a custom for newlywed couple to pay their respects after the marriage ceremony. DSCF0040.JPG (57910 bytes)Tom in front of Peter the Great's Cannon. Notice the large balls... cannon balls!!!!
DSCF0039.JPG (90978 bytes)Jack booted, goose stepping guards. Spooky. DSCF0042.JPG (42878 bytes)A big bell with a big hole.
DSCF0037.JPG (73104 bytes)The happy couple.  They were speaking Vietnamese. DSCF0043.JPG (41723 bytes)Tom standing in front of one of the Czars' carriages in the Kremlin Armoury.

DSCF0045.JPG (74374 bytes)Dscf0046.jpg (59053 bytes)Crazy pictures of the card  club gang.

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