Russia 1




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DSCF0007.JPG (50117 bytes)Lenin Square, right in front of our hotel. DSCF0003.JPG (42293 bytes)Lufthansa planes in Frankfurt
DSCF0004.JPG (79511 bytes)German Mac Donald's.  My last hamburger before my trip to Russia. DSCF0020.JPG (75279 bytes)Sergey Passat - monastary.
DSCF0006.JPG (49171 bytes)Lenin Square. One of the last statues to Lenin left standing DSCF0002.JPG (43691 bytes) More planes.
DSCF0008.JPG (50189 bytes)Chris Pesek and our sponsor at MISIS, Olga Morozova. DSCF0009.JPG (59412 bytes) Seminar Participants.
DSCF0010.JPG (57197 bytes)Seminar Participants. DSCF0017.JPG (61207 bytes)Katia (left) was our guide and caretaker during our stay in Moscow.  She's an instructor in English at MISIS.  She may come to UNI in the fall to do work in TESOL. Olga (center), a student at MISIS,  will come to UNI for a semester and take courses.

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