TESOL 2003 Reimbursement 
Request for Committee Activities

Hey folks, you can fill out this form online. Click below. The fields with gray boxes around them are active.  Just fill it out on your computer, print it out, sign it, and mail it to:

TESOL 2003 Reimbursement
c/o Mike J. Waguespack
5237 Inverchapel Rd.
Springfield, VA 22151.

Please don't forget to attach (original) receipts!


1.  Core Planners: Have Mark approve all expenses.

2.  Team Leaders: Have your Core Planner approve all expenses, a simple e-mail or phone call is all you need.

3.  Meals for planning meetings for your personal team are not covered.  BUT... Mark says that you can go ahead and get some sodas (pop??) and snacks to quench those hunger pangs.

4.  Remember, what you don't claim as a reimbursement is tax deductible.  Send in a form anyway and fill in your "donation" to TESOL.  Then TESOL will send you a receipt for your donation.  Alternatively, you can do like Steve.  Steve had $116 in expenses. However, he rounded off his claim to $100.  So, Steve can deduct 16 dollars and gets a check back for $100 from TESOL.  The best of both worlds.

5.Before you mail  off the reimbursement form, make a copy of your expense report and all receipts - just in case.

6.  Only the Crabbie knows!!!!


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