Reading 4

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Reading 4

Course Description

Instructor: Tom Riedmiller    Phone: 273-6876
Office:  Baker 73                   Office Hours: by appointment


Required Textbooks:    In Context by Zukowski/Faust, Johnston, & Templin
Longman Dictionary of American English

Course Goals:    By the end of this course, students should be able to

                    understand the main idea of a reading selection
                    identify the main idea of a paragraph
                    guess the meaning of words from context
                    read and find information quickly
                    predict the content of a reading selection
                    begin to read maps and charts
                    begin to make inferences


          Classtime will be used to do exercises and discuss what students have read outside of class.
                    Students should spend at least one hour a day on homework.
                    A test will be given at the end of each chapter.
                    Students will keep a vocabulary card file of new words they have chosen to learn. A weekly quiz will be given on these words.
Students will read at least two short books from the CIEP library.
There will be a midterm test after four weeks to check the progress of the students.


Chapter tests        Book reviews                        

Midterm test        Homework                              

Final test                Participation                            

Vocabulary quizzes                  

Students must have a grade of C to pass to the next level.

Important!  Attend class everyday.  If a student misses more than three classes, his or her grade will be lowered one letter grade.


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