Iowa Men's Fast Pitch Hall of Fame

Iowa Men's Fast Pitch Hall of Fame


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The Iowa Softball Association Hall of Fame was established in February 1972 by then Softball Commissioner, Ron Findley, to honor those outstanding softball players and non-players, male or female, who through their great efforts helped establish the game of softball as one of the three most active amateur sports in the entire world. To qualify for the Iowa Softball Association Hall of Fame, one must have been a player of extreme ability, or a non-player who has contributed outstanding service to the sport, and in either case, facts, newspaper clippings, and all possible information, must be submitted to the committee along with the nomination. (A mere nomination blank will gain you nothing). No matter how good one may have been, only the proven facts will be considered by the committee. In other words it is not an easy task to attain "The Hall" and this is the way it should be.

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