Chicago Public Radioís Odyssey: A Daily Talk Show of Ideas

A discussion on Uncle Tomís Cabin and American Culture

Originally broadcast on August 3, 2005, this show examined the long history of Uncle Tomís Cabin and popular American culture.  I was a guest for the hour-long show along with Kenneth Warren of the University of Chicago.  Odysseyís website is  Your computer will need RealPlayer or RealAudio (or a compatible program) in order to listen to these .rm files.

1) Show introduction with host Gretchen Helfrich

2) Segment 1: Harriet Beecher Stoweís Uncle Tomís Cabin and its impact before the Civil War

3) Segment 2: Uncle Tomís Cabin after the Civil War, as book, play, and film

4) Segment 3: Call-in questions from listeners