Practice Tests - for the Last Astronomy Test

Here are several practice tests. Each test has 30 question, 20 of which are multiple choice and 10 of which are fill-in the blank. The questions in each test cover the same material that the fourth test will cover - both the lecture material and the webnotes. If you have not read all of the notes or attended all of the lectures, you may not be able to answer all of the questions - but guessing never hurt. I will not know how well you did on these tests, and the results will not be stored away - the tests are here just for you to practice on.

 Click on the test of your choice - again, the only difference amongst them are the questions, while the material covered in each is about the same.

Test A
Test B
Test C
Test D
Test E
Test F
Test G
Test H
Test I

It is possible that the correcting mechanism might not work.  If that is the case, here are the
answers to the various tests -

 Answers for Test A
 Answers for Test B
 Answers for Test C
 Answers for Test D
 Answers for Test E
 Answers for Test F
 Answers for Test G
 Answers for Test H
 Answers for Test I

If you would like to report any problems with these tests, or you are not sure about a question, or you just want to gossip, just drop me a mail message by clicking here.