Homework #1
Due March 25
Just write your answers on a paper, along with your name, and turn that in.
  1. The thickest/densest atmosphere amongst the terrestrial planets is found on the planet ____________________ and is composed primarily of _________________________. (two answers required)
  2. The _________________________ is located near Mars' equator and has on top of it you would find several large volcanoes.
  3. What material creates this object's magnetic field?
  4. _________________________ is the name of the large impact feature seen on Mercury.
  5. The upper layer of the Earth's mantle that helps to move the crust around is known as the ________________________.
  6. When Pluto is near perihelion an atmosphere composed of ____________ and ____________ forms (two answers required).
  7. ____________________ was the asteroid that flew past the earth on February 2015, 2013.
  8. A __________________ was seen in the sky above Russia on the same day as given above.
  9. The terrestrial planet with the most moons is _____________.
  10. The dirty snowball model is used as a model for the physical structure of _____________.
  11. The most commonly observed landform on Venus is known as ____________________________.
  12. Widmanstatten patterns are found in ___________ meteorites.
  13. What are the two main elements that this planet is comprised of?
  14. What element produces the different colors that are seen on this object?
  15. Which satellite has a thick nitrogen atmosphere and methane in different forms (solid, liquid, gas) on its surface?
  16. Long period comets are believed to originate in the ________________.
  17. ____________________ is the largest satellite in the solar system.