Taurus is of course, "da bull", as they used to say on Saturday Night Live sketches. You can see the horns extending up and to the left, and the eye of the bull is the bright star Aldebaran.

There are also two clusters of note here - one is the very easily visible Pleiades, also known as the "7 Sisters" or Subaru. So if you drive a Subaru, the little logo on the front is of these stars. The other cluster isn't so obvious, but is comprised of most of the stars around the nose of the bull, the Hyades. Both are open clusters and are made up of hot, young stars. Some people mistake the Pleiades for the little dipper, but you know that's wrong.

The other noteworthy thing in this cluster is the object near the end of the bull's left horn. This is the famous supernova remnant, the Crab Nebula. This is the remains of the supernova that went off in 1054 AD. Kind of cool, eh?