This one is slightly to the left (east) of Scorpius. Again, you're looking in a direction of the sky that is also the direction toward the center of our galaxy, so there are quite a few Messier objects in that direction. The center of the galaxy is actually a little but above the spout of the "teapot".

Sagittarius is supposed to be the "archer", yet the asterism for it, or contained within it, is "the teapot" - obviously this asterism is a more recent invention, having nothing to do with the ancient designation of the archer.

Even though you are looking towards the center of the galaxy, the stars aren't all that bright in this constellation. And due to its rather lower declination, it is sometimes hard to see the constellation. Try finding it in the summer or early autumn sky towards the south. If you use a binoculars or small telescope, you can see many of the fuzzy Messier objects that are like steam coming from the spout of the teapot - that's how I find them.