Here we have Scorpius the scorpian. Note - the name for this constellation is Scorpius, not scorpio. They both refer to the same thing, but the correct astronomical name is scorpius. This constellation isn't always that easy to see since it is very southerly. In general you can see it during the summer and early autumn months towards the southern horizon.

The bright star Antares is pretty bright. The name Antares actually means "not Mars", since many people confuse the two for one another. They have very similar colors, sort of faint reddish hue and can be comparable in brightness. You'll notice there are quite a few of the Messier objects seen here. This is due to the fact that this is the way you'd want to look to see the center of our galaxy - not that you can actually see the center of our galaxy, but it is in this direction of the sky. That's why there is so much stuff here.