Here he is, Kevin Sorbo is HERCULES! Well, not really. Actually he is actually shown here upside down. For some silly reason, he is most often drawn with his head downward (or towards the south). Of course, Hercules wasn't the brightest guy around, but he does cover a fairly large piece of sky. Hercules is easiest to spot from late spring to early autumn.

The asterism in this constellation is a reference to old style architecture. In the old days, when you built an arch, you needed to include a block at the center of the arch called the keystone, which helped to support the arch. This constellation has nothing to do with beer.

The blue symbol on the right side of the Keystone is for an object known as a globular cluster, or in this case, the Great Cluster of Hercules. If you were to look at this with a telescope, it would look like a fuzzy cotton ball. Sort of cool looking.