Local Galaxies

Name Type1 Distance2 (kpc) Group3
Milky Way SBbc 8 Milky Way
Canis Major dSph? 15-20 Milky Way
Sagittarius dSph 24 Milky Way
Ursa Major II dSph 32 Milky Way
Coma dSph? 44 Milky Way
Willman I dSph 45 Milky Way
Large Magellanic Cloud Irr 49 Milky Way
Small Magellanic Cloud Irr 58 Milky Way
Bootes Irr/dSph 60 Milky Way
Bootes II Irr/dSph 60 Milky Way
Ursa Minor dSph 66 Milky Way
Sculptor dSph 79 Milky Way
Draco dSph 82 Milky Way
Sextans dSph 86 Milky Way
Ursa Major I dSph 100 Milky Way
Carina dSph 101 Milky Way
Fornax dSph 138 Milky Way
Hercules dSph? 140 Milky Way
Canes Venatici II dSph? 150 Milky Way
Leo IV dSph? 160 Milky Way
Leo V dSph 180 Milky Way
Pisces II dSph? 180 Milky Way
Leo II dSph 205 Milky Way
Leo I Irr/dSph 250 Milky Way
Canes Venatici dSph 220 Milky Way
Leo T dIrr/dSph 420 Milky Way
Phoenix Irr/dSph 445 Milky Way
And II dSph 525 Andromeda
And XVI dSph 525 Andromeda
And XXIV dSph 600 Andromeda
NGC 185 dSph 620 Andromeda
And XV dSph 630 Andromeda
And XXVIII dSph 650 Andromeda
IC 1613 Irr 700 Andromeda
And X dSph 700 Andromeda
NGC 147 dSph 725 Andromeda
And XXIX dSph 730 Andromeda
And XXVII dSph 757 Andromeda
And III dSph 760 Andromeda
Cas dSph 760 Andromeda
And XXVI dSph 762 Andromeda
And XXIII dSph 767 Andromeda
Andromeda Sb 770 Andromeda
And XI dSph 785 Andromeda
And XIII dSph 785 Andromeda
And XVII dSph 790 Andromeda
And XX dSph 802 Andromeda
M 32 E2 805 Andromeda
And IX
And I dSph 805 Andromeda
And V dSph 810 Andromeda
Pisces Irr/dSph 810 Andromeda
And XXV dSph 812 Andromeda
NGC 205 dSph 815 Andromeda
IC 10 Irr 825 Andromeda
And VI dSph 830 Andromeda
And XII dSph 830 Andromeda
Triangulum Sc 840 Andromeda
And XXI dSph 860 Andromeda
And XIV dSph 890 Andromeda
And XIX dSph 933 Andromeda
And XXII dSph 1000 Andromeda
EGB0427+63 Irr 1300 Andromeda
And XVIII dSph 1355 Andromeda
Leo A Irr 690 NGC 3109
Antlia Irr 1235 NGC 3109
NGC 3109 Irr 1250 NGC 3109
Sextans B Irr 1345 NGC 3109
Sextans A Irr 1440 NGC 3109
NGC 6822 Irr 490 LGC
Cetus dSph 775 LGC
DDO 210 Irr/dSph 800 LGC
Tucana dSph 880 LGC
WLM Irr 925 LGC
Pegasus Irr/dSph 955 LGC
Sag DIG Irr 1060 LGC
UKS 23323-326 Irr 1320 LGC
NGC 55 Irr 1480 LGC
GR 8 Irr 1590 LGC
IC 5152 Irr 1590 LGC

1. Galaxy types are given, Irr=Irregular; dSph=Dwarf Spheroidal - a small elliptical like galaxy;
2. Distance is measured from the Sun to the center of the galaxy, so the Milky Way distance is 8 kpc.
3. Group indicates which galaxy grouping they are in, often the small galaxies are found around the large ones. Some are not associated with a large galaxy, and are designated LGC.

This shows a graphical representation of where the galaxies in the Local Group are found. The Milky Way is the large yellow dot near the center, while the other two large spirals, Andromeda and Triangulum are found about 1 Mpc away. Red indicates Irregular galaxies, blue indicates ellipticals and dwarf spheroidal galaxies. All the galaxies in the above table are shown here, though some dots are overlapping.