Stellar Fusion Requirements

FusionFusion By-productMinimum Core TemperatureMinimum Core DensityMinimum Stellar Mass*
HydrogenHe13 million K100 gm/cc0.08 solar masses
HeliumC, O100 million K100,000 gm/cc0.5 solar masses
CarbonO, Ne, Mg, Na500 million K200,000 gm/cc4 solar masses
NeonO, Mg1.2 billion K4 million gm/ccabout 8 solar masses
OxygenMg, Si, S, P1.5 billion K10 million gm/ccabout 8 solar masses
SiliconSi, S, Ar, Ca, Ti, Cr, Fe, Niaround 3 billion K30 million gm/ccabout 8 solar masses
*Stars with masses less than this will not able to reach the temperature and density criteria for the fusion to begin. For the neon, oxygen and silicon fusion, the mass estimates are very approximate and uncertain.