Clickable constellation maps are provided below.  In most cases, all named stars are identified.  It should be noted that the way that the lines are drawn on constellations are fairly random, so go by the location of the stars to find them, not the lines.  You may also want to check the Asterisms website.  I've set up a site where you can test your knowledge of these objects - the constellation quiz site.

Circumpolar Constellations
Ursa Major - The big bear
Ursa Minor - The little bear
Cassiopeia - The queen
Cepheus - The king
Draco - The dragon

Summer/Autumn Constellations
Bootes - The bear hunter
Corona Borealis - The northern crown
Hercules - The hero
Scorpius - The scorpion
Sagittarius - The archer
Cygnus - The swan
Lyra - The harp
Aquila - The eagle
Andromeda - The princess
Pegasus - The winged horse

Triangulum - The triangle
Aries - The ram
Perseus - The hero
Auriga - The charioteer, goatherder
Taurus - The bull
Orion - The hunter
Canis Major - The big dog
Canis Minor - The little dog
Gemini - The twins
Cancer - The crab
Leo - The lion
Virgo - The maiden
Coma Berenices - Bernice's hair
Canes Venatici - The hunting dogs